E.A.S.Y. stands for a versatile and organized method for managing your baby's routine. This acronym emphasizes a balance between flexibility and structure, providing a consistent framework that can be adapted to your family's unique needs. It recognizes the importance of predictability and regularity in creating a nurturing environment while allowing room for growth.


The core of our methodology teaches the practice of calming, connecting, and communicating with infants creating a nurturing environment in which both parents and little ones can flourish.


Regardless of whether your baby is fed with breast milk, formula, or a combination of both, their primary requirement is proper nutrition and adequate caloric intake.


Before reaching three months of age, your baby is likely to spend about 70 percent of the time eating and sleeping. During the remaining time, they may be on the changing table, in the tub, cooing in their crib or on a blanket, taking a stroll in their carriage, or observing the world from their infant seat. While it might not seem like much activity from our perspective, these are typical baby behaviors.


The world's leading parenting question is; When will my baby sleep through the night?” Whether babies sleep soundly or experience sporadic sleep patterns, we teach you to recognize sleep cues and nurture their natural cycles to foster sleep independence.


THIS IS YOUR TIME… to relax, recoup, sit, and have a cup of tea, call a friend, or listen to your favorite podcast in the bath! By implementing the E.A.S.Y method, you'll have "you" time every few hours;  to rest, recharge, and give you a chance to recover. Keep in mind that in the first six weeks – of your postpartum period – you'll need to physically and emotionally recuperate from your birth experience.

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