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Our Legacy

Tracy Hogg

Tracy Hogg, R.N.M.H., M.S., known as the "Baby Whisperer," dedicated her career to revolutionizing baby and child care. Born on August 22, 1960, in England, Tracy, a British-trained nurse, lactation educator, and newborn consultant, amassed over 30 years of experience caring for infants and their families.

Her journey in childcare was enriched by her work with disabled children, where she honed her ability to comprehend the needs of non-verbal infants. Tracy's distinctive approach involved listening to babies' cries and interpreting their body language, skills she shared globally with parents and professionals.

Tracy Hogg authored three bestselling books, including "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer," "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers," and "The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems." In these works, she imparted invaluable insights and practical advice on understanding and communicating with infants, emphasizing structured routines and responsiveness to a child's cues.

Recognized for her compassionate and intuitive approach, Tracy became a trusted authority for parents seeking guidance on sleep patterns, feeding schedules, and overall newborn care and mothers' wellness. Despite her untimely passing on November 25, 2004, Tracy Hogg's legacy endures through her profound impact on the field of parenting. Her books and teachings remain cherished resources for countless parents navigating the joys and challenges of early parenthood, ensuring that the spirit of the "Baby Whisperer" lives on.

Books, Television & DVD

The "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer" series indeed made a significant impact on parenting literature and garnered widespread popularity. The series, starting with the 2001 bestseller "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate With Your Baby," emphasized practical and gentle techniques for newborn care.

The success of the initial book led to the creation of sequels tailored for different stages of child development, such as "Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers" and "The Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems." Tracy's approach, characterized by a soothing instructional style, resonated with many new parents seeking guidance on navigating the challenges of raising infants and toddlers.

Subsequent books like "Top Tips of the Baby Whisperer," "Top Tips from the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers," and "Top Tips from the Baby Whisperer - Sleep" delved into various aspects of parenting, covering topics like potty training, breastfeeding, and ensuring infants sleep through the night. The practical advice offered comprehensively made the "Baby Whisperer" series a global phenomenon that resonated with parents across different cultures and in 23 languages.

The success of the books was not limited to print; it extended to television with the release of a fifteen-part series titled "The Baby Whisperer" that aired on Discovery Health in Great Britain. The series, which also aired across Australia, Europe, and Central America, garnered top ratings. In addition, a companion DVD, also entitled "The Baby Whisperer," was released. Tracy led tired and weary new parents through the baby basics in a soothing instructional style, providing an accessible visual resource for those seeking practical guidance in caring for their infants.

Sara Hogg

Becoming the Baby Whisperer

Sara Hogg, a third-generation Baby Whisperer, stands as the torchbearer of a legacy pioneered by her mother, Tracy Hogg. Born in England, Sara's journey to becoming a BabyWhisperer, a renowned newborn care and maternity specialist, began when she relocated to Los Angeles in 1999 after completing her A-levels at Hayfield School.

Trained under her mother's expert guidance, Sara honed her skills in caring for infants and multiples, cementing her commitment to continuing Tracy's impactful work. Following her mother's passing, Sara dedicated herself to continuing her mother's legacy as a BabyWhisperer and a Whole family approach advocate, growing her inherited company and advancing the Baby Whisperer brand.

With over two decades of experience working with infants and families, Sara's expertise spans roles such as a trained nanny, newborn care specialist, and lactation educator. Her extensive experience with child development, family dynamics, homeopathic remedies, and post-natal depression reflects her dedication to providing a modern holistic, back-to-basics approach to parenting.

Sara's mission is to guide parents through the ever-evolving landscape of parenthood, offering a refreshing perspective amidst the myriad of baby products and parenting theories. Embracing a "Whole child, whole family" approach, she positions herself as an advocate for parents, empowering them to make informed decisions during the crucial infancy stages and beyond.

The heart of Sara's philosophy lies in the core principles: calm, connect, and communicate – values deeply rooted in Tracy Hogg's teachings. As a guardian of the BabyWhisperer tradition, Sara seamlessly integrates these principles into her approach, creating a sanctuary for parents seeking serenity and support in the intricate journey of early parenthood.

Sara introduces The Easy Baby Method, offering parents a structured, yet flexible approach to getting to know their baby and their new role by encouraging them to SLOW (stop, listen, observe, what's up) down and embrace intuition with the newness of becoming a parent. Serving as an instructor, she cultivates a serene atmosphere, establishing a bond of trust and understanding with parents.

Rebuilding The Baby Whisperer brand has become Sara's passion project, marked by dedication and a commitment to fostering tranquility amid the chaos of parenthood. The principles of calm, connect, and communicate guide her in building strong bonds within the Baby Whisperer community, ensuring that the brand becomes a trusted source of practical guidance and emotional support for a new generation of parents.

This is an invitation to discover the gentle touch and timeless wisdom of The Baby Whisperer, where Sara Hogg continues to weave the principles of calm, connect, and communicate into the fabric of a harmonious foundation for the beautiful journey of parenting.