Sometimes you just don't know what you need... this is where we start!

Whisperer Wisdom

Just a phone call away!

A parenting coach call is carefully designed to guide you through your thoughts, providing a supportive conversation to establish your needs and get you on track. Think of it as a quick check-in to address your questions, worries, or concerns.

At times, we all seek reassurance on our parenting journey. As next-generation parents, we are venturing into uncharted waters, looking at breaking behavioral cycles, often questioning whether we're doing it 'right' or ‘wrong'. Together we navigate the various paths that lead to a solution that feels just right for you. 

3 Day Magic

You won't believe what we can achieve in 72 hours.  With the 3 Day Magic approach we pave the road to Sleeping through the night!

The '3 Day Magic' is a methodical approach aimed at undoing and restructuring any unintentional or 'accidental parenting.' When conventional strategies no longer prove effective and change is needed, this structured approach provides guidance. 

While 'magic' is a delightful term often associated with unexplainable wonders, what I assist parents in doing is not actual magic, and rest assured, no babies are transformed into frogs during this process!

Set up a free 20-minute consultation to discuss and 

determine your needs or to schedule services!

In our initial discussion, we can review any concerns that may be creating minor disruptions in your day or pinpoint aspects that require some refinement. I can then assess your needs and offer a tailored plan to move forward.  To optimize our time together and ensure I provide the best support possible, please complete the intake form and share a summary tracking the events from the past three days with your baby before our conversation.

For expecting parents, I look forward to hearing from you and I can share with you the 'start as you mean to go on' method and give you the framework to set you up for E.A.S.Y success!